Manchester's Top 5 student food spots

Daniel Riley February 20th, 2018

Manchester is one of the best cities in the UK for vibrant eateries at very affordable prices. If you take a short stroll out into the city you are almost guaranteed to find something to your tastes.

For that reason, our list of 5 could well have been a list of 10 or 20. We hope that you have made the smart decision of eating before reading this blog post…


One of Manchester’s best burger joints, Archie’s provides a cool, edgy dining experience meaning it is always packed with students trying to get their hands on their juicy burgers or world-famous milkshakes. Archie’s has seen a number of celebrity appearances as well as offering a very convenient delivery service that has helped out countless hungry students!

Florida Fried Chicken

Keeping with the fast-food theme, if you are a big fan of KFC you will be an even bigger of Florida Fried Chicken. What it lacks in impressive decoration it certainly makes up for with the amazing tastes of its competitors for around half of the price, specialising in very affordable meal deals including burgers, chicken wings, wraps, family buckets and much, much more! Florida Fried Chicken is your perfect fast-food meal deal option.


Although certainly not exclusive to Manchester, the Wetherspoons chain simple had to make an appearance on this list due to its incredible value meals and drinks. Most people have been to a Wetherspoons restaurant-bar and already know full well about it being the perfect budget location, but we recommend specifically The Waterhouse on Princess Street. It is known to slightly edge the others in quality as well as being one of the latest to close!


A self-described ‘social eatery and coffee spot’, Common is a hip, urban decorated venue which is also very popular with students of Manchester. With a wide range of food options including New York deli-style dishes, soups of the day, speciality sandwiches as well as cask ales and refreshments to accompany it! Common is one of the places to be in Manchester right now.

Pancho’s Burritos

Pancho’s burritos do exactly what they say on the tin – burritos. And they’re huge. Whether you are looking to grab a mid-morning snack to fuel the rest of your day, or you have one in the evening and take a well-deserved nap straight after, these burritos pack a delicious punch. The restaurant also offers other tex-mex classics such as tacos and quesadilla making it the perfect one-stop shop for all things Mexican!

What’s your favourite budget meal option in Manchester? Think that we have missed a gem? Let us know below or via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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