Student Accommodation In Dundee

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About Dundee

Dundee is a student oriented city with a campus at the heart of the city. The city is also famous for its stunning location on Scotland’s east coast, connecting Edinburgh to the highlands. Both of Abertay University and the University of Dundee pride themselves on their friendly, vibrant and welcoming on campus atmospheres.


Getting around

One of the many great things about studying in Dundee is the compact nature of the city. Everything is within walking distance, so university students looking to save pennies have no need to worry about transport costs. However if you are heading further afield the station can send you north to the stunning highlands in no time. There is just a one hour train journey separating you from the hot spots of Edinburgh and Glasgow for a very reasonable price of under £20.


As a student in Dundee you will be treated to an eclectic clubbing scene. Reading Rooms is a show case of the cities underground talent. Here you can expect more experimental electronic music. However if this is not up your street check out DUSA, voted Scotland’s best student union with a reputation for wild nights. Fancy some live music? Visit Clarks on Lindsay Street to get a taste of Dundee’s live scene.